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Thanksgiving Day: What, Why and When?

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in Canada and U.S. This one of a kind festival has religious roots and secular outlook. Its a festival that joins people together by the mutual feeling of gratitude and celebrations.
It is a festival celebrating new harvest like Onam in south India, or chathh in Bihar!


The history of thanksgiving is as old as 1621, when a group of religious separatists sailing in a small ship called Mayflower, organised a three day festival to celebrate their first corn harvest. This group of people was also known as ‘Pilgrims’and they invited the local american natives to the celebration.And this three days celebrations is now remembered as American’s first thanksgiving.


But this thanksgiving did not become an annual celebration until more than 200 years later, infact the first thanksgiving was not even repeated in subsequent years. It was only in 1789 that President George Washington declared the first thanksgiving holiday and called upon Americans to express their gratitude for the happy conclusion of their war of independence.

It was only in the 19th century that the Thanksgiving was declared as a national holiday after nearly 45 years of campaign to restore the first thanksgiving feast, launched by the famous writer Sarah Josepha Hale best known for her nursery rhyme “Mary had a little lamb”. In 1863, amidst the civil war; president Abraham Lincoln finally gave in to her request and announced thanksgiving day on the final Thursday every year.

The tradition remained there untill 1939 when President Franklin Roosevelt moved it up a week to benefit the retail sales during the Great Depression. This plan also known as Franksgiving 😛 was met with huge opposition and had to be restored to the original final Thursday every November in 1941.Where it proudly stays till date.


The thanksgiving tradition is marked by a huge thanksgiving meal made up mainly of turkey, the pumpkin pie,deer meat better known as Venison , and potatoes.

It is interesting to note that apart from Venison none of the menu appears in any reference to the first thanksgiving, not even the turkey 😛 they were all drafted and published by Sarah during her campaign for thanksgiving.since then turkey remains the staple food for the fest and are also part of the meals now organised for the less fortunate by the American society .

The turkey also led to the quirky tradition of pardon to a turkey by president George H.W. Bush in 1989 and since then other presidents have been a part of this tradition, where they send one or two turkey to the farm instead of the kitchen. 😛

This celebration of showing gratitude and a prayer of thanks before the big meal has been accompanied by several parades and marks the beginning of holidays every year. Saying thanks was never this exciting, easy or delicious.
So on 26th November this year get ready to say thanks, enjoy some great food and celebrate the interesting festival of Thanksgiving with all this facts from us!


Happy Diwali! Its Significance

So today is India’s loudest, brightest and the most crackling festival of the year. Diwali!!

For kids, it’s about the crackers, for the intellectual It’s about environment.. 😉 for the youth it’s about homecoming..for the corporate It’s about bonus..the ladies look for fashion, the Socialites for gifting trends. For foodies, it’s again about food and for mothers it’s always about ‘Pooja’.


Such is the glamour of this festival. Why else you thought we wrote about it? 😛 so what has changed in this old age festivals of light, food and crackers?

No, it’s not about the numerous Diwali celebrations on your t.v channels and not about the ‘no-crackers-Diwali’ post flooding your FB wall or the sale in the e-commerce websites. It’s about that little heart touching moments lived and relived in a two min commercial. The essence of Diwali is still intact with making a heart happy.

It’s the Indian version of Thanksgiving and like everything else.. we Indians were early at it than our western counterparts..and perhaps too much early to stay out of sight 😛 Oh..you never saw it like that!?..no problem..you are welcome 😉 so Diwali helps us get the joy of giving..gifting and sending a smile.

So how you get the real feel..the one better than 16 set of firecracker rockets or 5000 waali ‘ladiyaan’ ?? Simple; by allowing a roadside kid to burn this one cracker and watch him jump for joy..by feeding your security guard with one box of sweet..or giving that extra tip to the pizza delivery boy..by thanking the traffic police officer to be working when he should be at home with his kids.

Or giving an ‘off’ to the poor software engineer in your firm..and by gifting a box of chocolate this time, not to your girlfriend but your cab driver driving you home this night :)

Aah..did I missed the easiest one..by wishing ‘Happy Diwali’ with a smile and being gentle to everyone you meet today..everyone..the sweeper..the liftman..the khadus boss..the annoying ex..or the cheap landlord.

By the way call your parents if you do not stay with them..or get them once excellent gift if you are lucky enough to stay with them..for you are alive, celebrating and literate enough to read me only and only because they took you and your sh*t for all these years!! 😉

Cheers and happy Diwali!!

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