We are a team of passionate guys who are always busy finding news for you. We just don’t publish any news, but we focus on latest events. Any news that’s related to any latest, upcoming or current event, we cover it.

We come up with news stories that interest every age group. It doesn’t matter how old are you and where you live in this world, you will always find something of interest with us. We try to cover every single event whether it is India, Australia, China, Europe or the USA.

Our team is dedicated and fun-loving. We are always busy collecting news about events and fun activities. This is why we love doing all this. We love running this website because this is what we are made to do.

About Us Elletis

We collect the latest news of events and happenings from all parts of the world. We want our readers to find everything right at one place that they are interested to know about, like events and happenings. This is what we do here.

We craft better news!

We are new and have recently started this website but, our team is not new. We have guys on our team who have been related to news industry for years. We have carefully developed a winning team of professional writers, journalists, designers, and event-lovers. Stick around and keep listening from us.

Why Us

The number one reason you should read about events and latest happenings from our website is that we make them entertaining for you. Even a boring event news will not sound annoying at all. We are not here to bore you rather we are here to let you know what’s happening, and we do it in a much better way than anyone else does.

We have professionals on our team who know how to craft news stories and how to make news speak with its readers. We make news talk and tell you all the story itself.

Our Specialty

Our specialty is event news. More specifically, we post about latest happenings and upcoming events and stories, for instance, regional events like Diwali and international events such as New Year happenings. Anything that’s happening anywhere in the world, we will cover it for you.

Meantime, if you see that we have missed a particular event, you can get in touch with us, remind us of the event and we will add its story. We are always open to suggestions and feedback. Have your say and tell us what you want us to cover in the next week and we will listen to you.