Kanas Day is a holiday in the state of Kansas in the United States. It is celebrated annually on January 29 to commemorate the anniversary of the 1861 admission of Kansas into the Union.

Where is Kansas located in the United States?

Kansas, situated on the American Great Plains, became the 34th state to be a part of the UNITED NATIONS. But it was not a cake walk for Kanas to be a part of the union rather it was along and bloody fight. It was so gruesome that the state of Kanas was also called Bleeding Kansas at one time.

Happy Kansas Day 2016

History of Kansas Day

Kansas has long been known as part of America’s agricultural heartland and is also called “The Wheat Capital of the World,” and is home to the major U.S. military installation Fort Leavenworth. After the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 led the two territories to settlement and allowed the new settlers to determine whether the states would be admitted to the Union as “free” or”slave,” North and South competed to send the most settlers into the region. This quickly led to violence.

Kanas has also given the earth an insight into the world of chemistry.When French astronomer Pierre Janssen first discovered the element he called helium on the sun in 1868; it was believed to be one of the rarest elements. It wasn’t until 1905 when faculty members at The University of Kansas in Lawrence began experimenting with gas from a newly drilled well in Dexter that helium was identified as a common element found on Earth.

The day is fondly remembered by adults who grew up in Kansas to those who have moved to other states or countries. This pride in being a Kansan was part of Kansas Day celebrations from its beginning. Kansas Day was born in Paola in 1877. In the Paola public school 15 or 20 youngsters were studying United States history in Alexander LeGrande Copley’s classroom, and on January 8, 1877, the lesson happened to be the battle of New Orleans. Intense interest was created in the class by the fact that 62 years before that, to the very hour, General Jackson’s riflemen were peppering the British red-coats from behind the cotton bales.

The whole school awoke to patriotism on that anniversary and decided to celebrate their pride in Kansas and its victories of peace. So it was announced that an afternoon would be set apart for the study of Kansas – its geography, its history and its resources; and the evening selected was January 29, 1877. For two weeks the students were busy outside of school getting together every available piece of information concerning Kansas. They searched encyclopedias, plied parents with questions, and stirred the whole community to furnish local history, statistics and valuable and interesting facts bearing upon that one subject. Kansas Day continued to grow for more than 130 years. Today it is celebrated by teachers and students across the state.

Kansas Day Trips

Annual Kansas Day celebrations include school field trips and special projects to study the history of Kansas, individual visits by students to the Statehouse in Topeka, performances of Home on the Range, the Kansas State Song, and special proclamations by the Governor of Kansas and members of the Kansas Legislature. Kansas Day is not a public holiday, but it is a state-wide observation. Offices, banks, businesses, and schools are usually open.

What To Do on Kansas Day

Activities on Kansas Day center around museums, historic sites, schools and the Kansas State Capitol. Students are invited to explore the state’s history, vote for their famous favorite Kansan and learn outstanding skills. The Kansas Republican Party traditionally holds its “Kansas Day Convention” on the same date.

Hence, The Kansas day is an excellent mix of the spirit of education, legislature, freedom, fight and unity. Kansas Day helps residents of Kansas to feel special and adore their motherland. It is only amazing to see how wonderful Kansas is in itself. Just to list a few things about Kansas we see that during the Civil War, Kansas suffered the highest rate of fatal casualties of any Union state, enough bloody human!

Not only this, Kansas holds Meade’s Ranch in Osborne County, he Geodetic Center of North America—the point of reference by which all property lines and boundaries in North America are surveyed. It is also a triangulation station for the United States, Canada, and Mexico and is also known as the North American Datum.

Kansas is also known as the Sunflower state and has a very inspiring national moto: Ad Astra per Aspera (“To the stars through difficulties”). It has lived its motto by far and large. In 1954, it became a battleground of the civil rights movement when the landmark Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka case was decided in the Supreme Court, ending the doctrine of “separate but equal” in public schools.

But on the other side of the bloody history Kansas is also known for its contributions to jazz music, barbecue and as the setting of L. Frank Baum’s classic children’s book The Wizard of Oz. Astonished right, even we are.

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