Valentine’s Day is a special day of the year which is purely dedicated to lovers and is celebrated worldwide on 14 February. It is the day when souls meet, and couples are seen around celebrating this day. Roses, chocolates, greeting cards are very common on this day. Most of you, who have not celebrating the Valentine’s Day, should try something different. You can try gifting funny Valentines Day cards to your love and add spice to your relationship, which might be already spiced up.

Funny Valentines Day Cards Ideas

One of the best presents for Valentines can be a card designed by you. You can try creating a funny Valentines Day greeting card for your love and add a fun element to it. You can try writing the reasons why don’t you love your mate. This will surely make him/her angry. When you see anger on his/her, the face takes out an unexpected gift and see the glow of his/her face. The moment will be all yours.

Other great funny Valentines Day card ideas can be trying an innovative thing. You can take up a photo of your love and do hilarious things with the picture like adding a beard to her face or something like this. Paste the photo on card and gift her. She might screw you up, but do not forget to surprise her with another gift when you see the growing anger.

Funny Valentines Day Cards From Tumblr











There are some Funny Valentines Day cards from Tumblr that you can find here. You can either choose to design such cards or gift your love with the pre-designed funny Valentiness Day greetings on this special day.

So, look over these designs and find the bests Valentines Greeting card design for your loved ones. Make his/her Valentines event special adding a fun element to it.

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